Classense Library


At the Classense Library, an ancient Camaldolese monastery, inside the beautiful Muratori Hall, you can arrange your marriage. The hall was the sacristy of the San Romualdo Church, the place in which the camaldolese monks moved from the monastery of Classe.

A fascinating location, decorated with a boiserie all over the lower part of the walls, and a unique wooden  furnishings that frames three paintings: “The adoration of the Shepherds” and “Christ deposed in between two angels, St Bartholomew and the Classe abbot”, both copies of Luca Longhi paintings made by Gioacchino Muzzarelli, and the huge “Resurrection of Lazzaro” painted by Francesco Zaganelli (1465-1532). The subject of the last one is probably linked to the San Lazzaro Hospital, which once was in the place of San Romualdo Church.

At the end of the ceremony, brides and grooms can pose for the photoshoot inside the beautiful and evocative cloisters.

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