TAMO Museum



TAMO is a unique place, magic and filled with amusement and history, located in the core of Ravenna center.


TAMO is a museum entirely dedicated to mosaic art, both historical and modern, which is situated in the wonderful monumental complex of San Nicolò.

The XIII-century church and the cloister host floor decorated with mosaic drawings, coming from important archeological sites in the Ravenna area, as well as a collection of contemporary mosaics which illustrate the Dante’s “Divina Commedia”.

The plaster casts of the big mosaic maestros, the sinopias and section dedicated to materials, with enamels and golden glasses from the Venetian glassworks Angelo Orsoni, give life to a spectacular walk which introduces the visitor in a real mosaic art “laboratory” to discover how the mosaic composition is difficult to realize from the technical point of view, but then becomes a beautiful artistic language, autonomous and complex at the same time.

The multimedia systems complete the TAMO path with a closer examination to the iconography and technical skills required, with themed video and a big video reproduction that tells the development of this art, from the early beginning to XIII century.

TAMO – all the mosaic experience – is the ideal beginning of the journey to discover the cultural heritage of Ravenna.

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